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Hotel Isrotel Kedma

Architect: Lea Rubanenko Architects
Interior designer: Ruth Arad Architecture and Interior Design
Photos: Asaf Pinchuck

The Kedma Hotel, located in the Sde Boker region of the Negev, provides its visitors with an exceptional hospitality experience, embedded into the breathtaking desert landscape. The hotel is comprised of seven Khan Nabati-style buildings containing 163 guest rooms, shaded seating areas, a pool, and a spa, accompanied by fruit trees and vegetation.

The lighting scheme was designed to mimic natural light. Both the sunlight and moonlight hit the roof, creating varying textures and patterns, with the light and shadows dancing across the floor. On the main exterior axes, the lighting highlights the vegetation and sandals in the aisle ceiling.
The use of warm lighting and natural materials such as ropes and pottery throughout the decorative lighting fixtures emphasizes the desert backdrop, and the colors create a dominant contrast between the light and the shadow.

In the entryway, small nooks are illuminated by candlelight-like lighting and, when looking up, the star-like lighting fixtures in the high affixed into the high ceilings gives one the sense of being under the star-lit sky while being indoors. The addition of the illuminated mashrab elements continue the play on textures and create visual interest within the space.

In the guest rooms, the hanging light fixtures are made of natural bamboo, and the clay fixtures on the walls softens the light in the space. The macrame element above the bed is illuminated and creates an impressive texture on the ceiling.