C2 Anelli ViaBizzuno

As part of my work on the Harel Insurance Company offices, I felt the addition of arches and circles would greatly enhance the sense of flow and movement in the architectural space. And, because I know ViaBizzuno loves challenges, I approached them with a proposal. Through this project, my C2 Anelli light fixture was born and ultimately appeared in the company’s 2017 catalog.

The first challenge was to round out the profile of the fixture without any visible connections.

The second challenge was to integrate the LED strip in such a way that the electrical connection points could not be seen.

The third challenge was the linear cutting of the frosted cover and securing it with only one connection point. closing it in one connecting point, which would allow for easy access in the event maintenance is needed.

To do this, we used flexible, non-yellowing, polycarbonate that would not dry out and harden over time, therefore minimizing the chance that it will break in the future.
A single piece of polycarbonate was used for the frosted cover was used with no connections and screws, so as not to see the edges when cutting out a ring from a square polycarbonate surface. (The rest of the material is thrown away). It was decided to continue the company’s concept of the linear profiles – all these are production challenges.

A lot of thought went into solving the main challenging – shaping the body in such a way that it looked decorative and almost jewel-like (this was also the inspiration for the name – of the fixture A Ring. This came from the creative mind of Mario Nanni, the owner of ViaBizunno.) The final product is smart, simple, and elegant. The change in materials and the finishing were the keys to the fundamental changes in the fixture’s visibility. From this, it was already obvious that the light color temperature we would use: 2700 Kelvin.