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Harel M.E.A Office Building

Client: Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Ltd
Architect: Peleg Architects
Interior Design: Shani Perry & Miki Kornhauser
Photo: Uzi Porat

This ten-story building in Ramat Gan underwent renovations which included the addition of 16 floors. Special emphasis was placed on functional lighting and the floor lobbies. Peripheral lighting slots create the illusion of the detachment of the wall from the ceiling, and reflects the movement of space. This creates floating lighting along a recessed linear body that provides functional yet complementary lighting to the wooden texture of the walls while reducing the dispersion of the light in the space.

In the corridors of the offices, the lighting was designed being mindful of the movement of the space and working in harmony with the height of the ceiling and the shape of the corridor. In places where the ceiling is low, the lighting is recessed in the ceiling, where the ceiling is higher, the lighting fixture is suspended from it and twists or turns, hugging the curves where appropriate, while the linear lighting line bends and forms an arched shape.

On each floor, the reception areas are defined by hanging decorative lighting fixtures that integrate with the design of the lighting in the corridors. 

The ceiling of the main entrance lobby is cut off by a peripheral lighting slot that creates motion by visually unifying the space, but dividing the area into zones with different functions. Two impressive sculptures by Sigalit Laniado greet guests and are illuminated by powerful spotlights whose light temperature was adapted to highlight the texture of materials. The entrance waiting area is set by the FAGERHULT FREEDOM lighting fixture and circular ceiling lighting fixtures are scattered throughout the lobby, creating a uniform design on the floor. The reception desk is disconnected from the floor by means of lighting, and overhead lights are hung on it, following with the rounded shape of the recessed lighting fixtures.